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    The Dark Juggler Method June 28, 2007



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    The Dark Juggler Method June 28, 2007

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    The Dark Juggler Method

    by Thundercat on June 28, 2007

    One of Charisma Arts Senior Instructors, a guy named Dimitri,
    (well, I think that’s his name. He seems to spell it with lots of 1s
    where there should be "i"s.) has posted a very interesting – yet
    shocking – way of picking up girls using Juggler’s method.
    Check it out…

    Dimitri writes:
    Long post. It might
    seem a bit esoteric to you but it’s only an appearance. In the post I
    explain certain simple and effective techniques – in a subtly coded
    I wrote that post for the main page of the Charisma ArtsВ» website
    some time ago, but JugglerВ» asked my to take it down because it was too
    explicit for the time. So I chose to republish it here on mASF, where I
    can talk a little more openly.
    Contact me if you have any questions.
    Dark JugglerВ» Method: The Introduction
    I’ve been asked: "Is everything about the JugglerВ» Method really as
    nice and politically correct as it appears from Wayne’s ebook and DVD,
    from the YouTube videos, from instructur’s blogs, and from the posts
    made by the Charisma ArtsВ» alumni on the General board of the Forum?"
    Wrong impression.
    Yes, there is a Dark Side to the JugglerВ» Method. Philosophically
    speaking, there is a Dark Side to every single phenomenon in the
    Universe – why would the JugglerВ» Method be an exception?
    Do not let yourself to be tricked by the deceptively upbeat quality
    of the posts on the Charisma ArtsВ» Forum. Did it cross your mind that
    every client might have signed the pledge to not reveal the secret and
    infinitely powerful Dark techniques they have been taught during the
    notoriously nice and politically correct "Charm School"? What if that’s
    why all of them as one deny the Dark Side?
    It is okay to be drawn to the Dark Side. You do not have to be good
    anymore. You do not have to prove to anyone that you are good. Let
    yourself go. Release your feelings. Come to the Dark Side.
    Discover the true power of the real JugglerВ» Method.
    Dark JugglerВ» Method Part 1: Get Her Hooked
    Developing in a woman the addiction to euphoria-inducing chemical
    substances has been one of the most powerful secret techniques employed
    by the JugglerВ» Method. One of the things we teach men during the Charm
    School bootcamps is how to distribute those substances in large
    quantities among women in the streets and public venues of the major
    cities and small towns, and not only get away with it, but take
    advantage of the numerous victims.
    Wait. Before you call the cops on me, finish reading the article.
    Then, if you want, go ahead and get in touch with the Narcotics Division
    of the New York City Police Department – or get in touch with our
    business manager instead and sign up for a bootcamp to reap its illicit
    If you want to make a woman do things for you, you want to make her
    trust you. To create trust, you and her must share emotional states and
    The problem is, in the beginning of the first interaction she is a
    stranger to you and you are a stranger to her. She might not be too
    eager to share her feelings and memories with a stranger.
    That is why, to make a woman talk, you must get her hooked on drugs.
    Here& is how I do it.
    To begin the interaction, I make a small personal statement. Then I
    ask a woman a small, seemingly innocent open-ended question about
    herself. Open-ended questions are structured in such a way that people
    feel compelled to answer them.
    So she answers.
    Then I immediately give her a dose of powerful chemicals that create
    instant euphoria. I measure the dose very carefully, because I know that
    the woman I speak with might not be used to the large quantities of
    those chemicals, and having too much drug in her bloodstream might
    render her unresponsive. I do not want to overdose her: I need her
    I do not have to use a syringe to get the chemicals into her blood.
    The Dark JugglerВ» Method is so viciously effective that it is enough
    for me to simply say and/or do certain things that make her own body
    produce those chemicals. I make her feel GOOD for answering my small and
    seemingly innocent question. Her brain absorbs the chemicals very
    quickly, and she begins to feel immediate craving for more chemicals. Of
    course, I delay the next dose. I use the time interval to say and/or do
    certain things that make her experience a certain emotional state I
    want her to experience.
    Than I ask my female victim another open-ended question. I design
    this new question based on her previous response, it is custom-made to
    fit her personality, it conveys the new emotional state I want her to
    experience, and it is structured to make her reveal to me something
    slightly more personal. Since all those conditions are met, she feels
    compelled to answer.
    But more importantly, she answers because she unconsciously expects
    to re-experience the euphoria she felt after she answered my first
    open-ended question. Her brain connects the two events: answering my
    question and feeling euphoria.
    So as soon as she answers, I again say and/or do certain things that
    make her glands release a dose of powerful drugs into her bloodstream.
    This time it is a bigger dose. She feels VERY GOOD for answering my
    second question. She wants more. I delay the next dose.
    And so on.
    Only a few minutes into the conversation she forms the strong
    addiction to the chemicals I provide. And within those minutes I become
    the most important person in her life because I make her feel the way no
    one else does. Then all I have to do is cut off the supply and let her
    know that if she wants more fun she has to do certain things for me. And
    I know she will.
    Because no woman can resist those drugs. If a woman as much as just
    looks in my direction after I have asked her my very first small and
    seemingly innocent open-ended question, I can get her hooked. I can do
    it to any woman I choose to do it to.
    You can do the same if you break the code embedded in this post.
    Now, obviously I don’t think Dimitri is talking about slipping the
    girl a ruphi while he’s sarging her. He’s talking about linking good
    feelings he generates within her (all caused by chemicals released
    inside the brain) to him, and getting her "addicted" to him, because she
    then associates the good feelings she’s experiencing with the guy
    making her experience them.
    This really sounds like basic push/pull stuff to me. I wonder why
    Juggler would be against this? I always worry when I hear about people
    trying to be "PC," because let’s face it – a lot of this stuff ISN’T
    politically correct! Political Correctness is based around feminist
    ideals (among other things), so how can you help guys overcome obstacles
    set upon them by society by being PC?
    Anyway, this is a good post from Dimitri. I’ll be keeping a closer eye on his writings from now on.

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