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    Look For these

    مُساهمة  HatemFarouk في الأحد نوفمبر 28, 2010 4:11 pm

    Applied Kinesiology: A Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles and Practices by Robert Frost

    Wholistic Kinesiology: A Quick and Easy System for Optimizing Your Health by Dr. J. Dunn

    Your Body Can Talk: How to Use Simple Muscle Testing to Learn What Your Body Knows and Needs : The Art and Application of Clinical Kinesiology by Susan L. Levy

    Muscle Testing": Complete Nonsense? Or the Basis for Real Health Care? by Serafino Amoroso

    Health Kinesiology by Jane Thurnell-Read

    Ultimate Healing System, The: The Illustrated Guide to Muscle Testing & Nutrition by Donald Lepore ND

    The Cure For All Advanced Cancers by Hulda Regehr Clark

    Evolving Thought Field Therapy: The Clinician's Handbook of Diagnoses, Treatment, and Theory by John H. Diepold

    The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggart

    Your Healing Hands: The Polarity Experience by Richard Gordon

    Brain Gym Teacher's Edition: Revised 2010 by Paul E. Dennison

    NeuroKinetic Therapy: An Innovative Approach to Manual Muscle Testing by David Weinstock

    The Moses Code ~ Debbie Ford

    Cranial-Sacral Therapy ~ Mary Sullivan

    The One Command- Imprint your DNA for lasting success by Asara Lovejoy

    The DNA of Healing: A Five-Step Process for Total Wellness and Abundance

    Supreme Confidence is the state of mind ,body and spul that turns you into an unstoppable force ,allowing for the purest expression of who you are ,without having to bring anyone down but enhance everyone else`s existence

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