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    voice manuplation!!!


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    voice manuplation!!!

    مُساهمة  psYcko في الإثنين نوفمبر 09, 2009 7:44 am

    all u need to do is to talk reeeeeeally slow and in a way that makes u want to make the girl infront of u a horny girl


    i mean it...ur voice has to be realy deep...really soft...and has to be ur OWN voice...yes there r someguys who try to do other people voices ...that is wroooooong!!...ur own voice

    so how do u do this?!...easy

    make ur voice like the equilizer...or like the hear beat machine in the hospitals...up and's like u r singing a song with the slooow singers...this brings some emotion in ur singers again Very Happy......they sing in a slow up and down tone...that exactly what u need to do...but remember ...when u see urself going really strange in the singing part...try to talk more and sing less Very Happy

    ever talked in a phone with a girl?!...u will see them talking smoooooth...that exactly what u should if u r awake from sleeping...

    and to be more good at it...try to slow ur voice as possiable when u say words...u will see what i mean when u do alllll that above


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