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    college approach


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    college approach

    مُساهمة  psYcko في الإثنين نوفمبر 09, 2009 7:27 am

    well...gotta approach is the easiest approach ever Very Happy

    if u r in college all u need to do is to find friends through studying

    it's really easy ... and i think girls do it too...yes happened to me Very Happy...yaay for going to lectures Very Happy!!!!

    so how?!

    easy...just go up to her ...u can even go in the wrongest way ever and still ask her if she had written the previous lecture and she would tell u ok..sure!!

    (( but some girls might say ...he choosed me over 200 other people?!...that is obvious he is trying to hookup or something ))

    so all u need to say this

    i saw that u r one of the people that never misses a lecture

    (( u r saying this because u want to let her see that u choosed her because she is different from the rest and she is a study person))

    after she accepts to give u the papers...u can talk with her for 2-3 min and then go...ofcourse u need to say something funny about the doctor lecture...or something funny happend in the lecture...u need to say anything funny that happend in the study zone ...don't tell her anything else

    and then when u come back...she already took the idea that u r the funny type who want's to study and don't want to hook up with girls...u r just a man on his road...a man with a goal

    believe me...u would see an amazing resualts...u will see her want's to speak with u more...and this is ur funny...

    and one last warning...never ever get caught in college that u r a is a huge network...once u r more playing IS A BIG NETWORK
    ur guy friends will sometime let u meet some is a good place to know girls too...but they r just for practising...unless u have feelings for someone else...that is anothor post to write Wink!!!

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