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    crazy to do list...u need to do this


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    crazy to do list...u need to do this

    مُساهمة  psYcko في الأحد نوفمبر 01, 2009 8:20 pm

    well..this list is made for people who r still raw and need some guidness
    this may seem silly...but this list consists of hard tasks to do
    if u did them...u can do alot of stuff...because this tasks aim ur confedince lvl

    confused confused confused
    still don't get it ?! ok

    i will say the list...but once u have read them...u will have to do them ...or else!! Very Happy:D...

    go to a high ground and jump
    ((hight fear))

    watch a horror movie
    ((horror fear ))

    find the most dark place u can find..even if it's a graveyard..sit in there for five min
    ((ghosts fear))

    get into a fight...not a real fight Very Happy...a fight in some sport as u r training ...go to any club...join a fighting sport..kung fu or karate or taekowndo..and then tell the coach to set u up for a small practising fight with any guy...once u have that fight...don't go to that sport again:D
    ((fights fear))

    GO AND TALK TO A GIRL ...yes do this...i don't want u to be afraid or something...i am not saying i want u to get a phone number or least...say hi...and maybe tell her nice shoes or something Very Happy...and go away for i said...i just want u to just confront a girl...
    (( approach fear))
    [][/[/justify]by the by...believe it or not...this stuff actually works and brings up ur lvl of confedince..
    face ur fears


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    رد: crazy to do list...u need to do this

    مُساهمة  HatemFarouk في الإثنين نوفمبر 02, 2009 3:54 am

    i did most of them dude, i tried to be close to rats , cock roaches, see horror movies .... even being in the appartment alone with light off ( i had a bad experience with ghosts as i was dealing with black magick before ) for some reasons, which have no relavant clues , i found my self dealing with others, situations in a different ways. it is a good advice, do it gals.

    for high places and jump, tell me how to do this, and the cold approach , i did not do till now, but i intend to do.

    to increase your confidence, and build your indifference, do this , i did them before, it is like magic, please Psycho add them to youer post.

    let your beard grows for two week, and go outside for college, clubs, anywhere where more people exist, esp. girls.

    let your underwear ( white one hehahahha ) be prominant and walk through street, do not go to places where people knows you.

    write on a paper ( dickhead, dork ) and stick it to your forehead, and walk to street, where no people knows you.

    if you are the one who care much more with what people say about you, if you lack the confidence, if you are hesitant ...... so do what i have outlined and also what Psycho told you .... they are awesome exercise for your persona

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