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    My Sticking Point



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    My Sticking Point

    مُساهمة  HatemFarouk في الثلاثاء يونيو 08, 2010 4:35 am

    Sticking Point dah mostala7 be7aded eh akbar moshkela fi el DATING GAME beta3ak .. mathalan Approaching women . kissing . escalation . comfort building

    mawdo3ii elnaharda ... ana kont bas2al dating guru bey2ool en 3andoh 19 sana .. we 2oltelo 3ala My Sticking Point .. this was my message to him :

    well .. my first sticking point is AA .. weell i bought books and read
    articles about getting overcoming it .. i set a plan for me .. so i
    should approach girls from now on till getting passed of the fear .. so i
    did asked 15 girls of the time .. i was feeling intimidating next day
    asked for 5
    and so in the 3rd day .. i felt power within myself
    during social interaction .. but approaching still difficult .. i got
    hypnosis .. no way . doesnot help .. it made me go crazy .. because i am
    good looking , have good body and got hint from girls that they like me
    .. but to go there .. i feel that i will screw it up and i wont be that
    interesting to them .. well i stopped asking for time and approaching
    anyone strange after those 3 days

    2nd sticking point .. i am
    good at attracting girls during my social circle . but for some reason .
    i cant transit it to sexual one . i make kino, rapport , and cause
    attraction feeling but to proceed sexually . i fear it will scare her .
    and i think if i proceeddoing what i do she may do it . and give me more
    hints and afteer she is giving me hints .. i still fear doing it ..
    afraid of she may reject and cause me feeling a weak person not having a
    control over me

    thank you very very mucch

    i will
    appreciate your time reading and writing an advice for me

    his response was awesome.. and i intend to apply it :

    Hey mate - Seems like you're having similar problems to what i used to
    Before i started in the game, i'd be at parties, and i'd be
    talking to girls and be building all this rapport and comfort and she'd
    be laughing and stuff, but it never went anywhere after that. I friend
    zoned myself with my escalation anxiety.

    My approach to tackling
    this sort of anxiety is a kinda roundabout way, but it really targets
    the root of the problem, and will improve your life as a whole,
    What i'm talking about is CONFIDENCE.

    reason you have this anxiety, is due to a lack of confidence. i know,
    i've been there. and i know it's hard to admit (even to yourself), but
    if you truly felt good about yourself, you wouldn't have these problems.
    If you truly felt confident, you wouldn't care what she thinks about
    you or about your advances.

    So, what to do? get more confident.
    said than done though.

    I'm actually developing an
    easy-to-implement system for people to improve their self-esteem and
    feelings of self-worth, i.e. self-Confidence.
    Basically, the essence
    of what i recommend is to do two things:
    - Eliminate dissatisfiers
    from your life
    - Increase your engagement in activities (etc.) which
    truly make you feel good.

    So for example, dissatisfiers hinder
    your self-confidence. For me, at the moment, i have exams on. These are
    really not doing wonders for my self-confidence, because i'm pretty
    stressed out about them (naturally), but i know that after teh exams are
    over, i will feel so fucking alpha, i will absolutely not give a shit
    about what girls think about my approaches and attempts at closing (all
    different kinds of closing)

    To illustrate the second
    recommendation, it may help you to finish this sentence off: "I feel
    most like a man when..."
    So for me it's like "I feel most like a man
    when i am leading a group of people, when i close a really good looking
    girl, when i'm in the middle of a circle on a dance-floor in clubs,

    Things like that.

    Identify dissatisfiers and
    eliminate these (for example, if some people are giving you shit,
    distance yourself from these people),
    Increase your involvement in
    activities that make you feel good about yourself, and make you respect
    yourself. (For me it could also be going to the gym and getting into
    shape, and eating healthily).

    This way, logically, you decrease
    the things in your life that are causing you trouble, and you increase
    your self-confidence through positive activities from which you derive
    copious amounts of pleasure and confidence from.

    This will all
    improve your confidence, and will aid you with your escalation anxiety,
    AND your approach anxiety, and will truly lead you to live a happier,
    more satisfied life.

    Hope that helps mate,


    wish it helps u

    Supreme Confidence is the state of mind ,body and spul that turns you into an unstoppable force ,allowing for the purest expression of who you are ,without having to bring anyone down but enhance everyone else`s existence

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