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    How To Look Tough



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    How To Look Tough

    مُساهمة  HatemFarouk في الجمعة مايو 14, 2010 5:14 am

    How To Look Tough

    Here are some of the most ultimate tips on how to look tough.

    Let’s face it, no one likes to get picked on or be bullied. And looking weak or geeky? Fhhughet about it! If you can’t truly be born tough you can always fake it!

    1.MUSCLES! Yes, having big muscles is like the #1 factor for looking tough! Even if you have muscles but can’t fight, it will put any possible targets for trouble out of your way.

    2.If you have body pains, headaches or whatever, suck it up! Don’t be a pussy. Showing signs of pain or weakness will surely not make you look tough,so deal with it!

    3.Walk straight up, not slouched. Stick out your chest slightly but don’t make it obvious, cuz then you’ll just make a fool of yourself and be the butt of everyone’s joke. Just be cool, confident and try your best to not look anyone in the eye…Pretend they’re not even there better yet!

    4.Try a 5 o’clock shadow! A little short,very slight beard makes most guys look tougher. Beware tho, if you are a real dorky,geeky looking type guy with huge dorky glasses then this just won’t work for you! When your used to having a 5 o’clock shadow going on , you won’t usually find yourself asking yourself how to look tough since a slight beard will already be doing you the favor.

    5.Hair! Having wild long "biker" type hair can look tough usually. If you have short hair, be creative, spike it up with some wax or gel.

    6.Hang out or get together with a gang or group of tough people. Just round up the most toughest guys you know on a decent, personal level and insist on a guys night out. You will appear a lot more intimidating to other people who feel they are tough if you are around a lot of tough looking people yourself.

    7.Practice martial arts,kick-boxing,taekwon-do,Judo or any type of self-defense courses. Just the concept in your mind that you have some of these skills will subconsciously and consciously make you believe your tough…..And realistically so! You won’t be fooling yourself.

    8.Footwear.Depending on where you go try to opt for black,sporty sneakers. These are usually a safe bet. If it’s a biker bar or those type places, get your hands on some really kick-ass biker boots with cool metal buckles.The really heavy leather ones will do.

    9.Bling Bling! The best option here is a short,thick silver chain worn at all times.Grow into it. Just having this on regularly can help your "program" your mind into thinking your tough. Remember, how to look tough also involves mind frame! Some nice silver rings can also work.DO NOT go for gold since this may make you look rich and pompous vs. tough and rugged.

    10.Clothing. Don’t wear skin-tight clothing,especially shirts-That just looks gay. Hoodies are excellent,they give that urban vibe.Wear pants that are not too snug, opt instead for loose fitting jeans.


    *Don’t over-do it! In the wrong crowd or other "gangs" this might initiate trouble. Just mind your own business with your crew and do your thing without trying to hard. The key is to avoid eye contact with others while just having a "devil-may-care" attitude.

    *Just don’t even try to act tough if your skinny/scrawny to begin with or not physically tough.It’s either you can pull it off or you can’t.


    *Having big muscles really does help you keep clear from trouble.
    *Self-confidence is key! It’s the key to having that tough mentality and just being "cool" without having to try at all. It’s a frame of mind….Learn it!
    *Learn to be anti-social….Except with your own "crew" or "posse"

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