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    Building Confidence



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    Building Confidence

    مُساهمة  HatemFarouk في السبت نوفمبر 14, 2009 1:40 pm

    As happy as you may be, chances are that you, like many outwardly
    content men, suffer from a lack of self-confidence. This is not to say
    that you are overly shy,
    nervous, inadequate in your daily routine or that you have any serious
    psychological hang-ups, but it could be a lack of self-confidence if
    you feel as though you are not living up to your potential.

    Even if you're reasonably assured most of the time, it is beneficial to
    do a little mental strengthening every once in a while. It feels good
    to be self-confident, which perpetuates more confidence, impresses
    people and brings you success.

    Defining self-confidence

    Simply put, self-confidence is a sense of certainty that your own
    personality is honest, capable and fulfilling. Self-confident people
    generally have a high self-esteem. If you have a diminished
    self-esteem, bolstering your self-confidence will help immeasurably.

    Note that there is a distinguished difference between self-confidence
    and confidence in general. You may be confident that you can impress a woman or a boss,
    while at the same time you question whether or not you are interesting
    to smart women or have chosen the right job. Or, you might walk into a
    party and command the floor, but as soon as you have a moment to
    yourself, you wonder if you really fit in.

    Confidence can
    exist without self-confidence, meaning that there can be a certain
    degree of falsehood -- of lying to one's self -- at play. Get a handle
    on it.

    Threats to self-confidence

    Threats to your
    self-confidence can be felt in almost any challenging circumstance,
    from reading the bus schedule to getting fired. Different men are
    susceptible to diminished self-confidence on account of different
    causes. While losing the pick-up football game made your neighbor
    question his physical condition,
    it didn't bother you nearly as much as failing to impress your boss at
    today's meeting. The truth is that self-confidence can be attacked by
    almost anything.

    Of course, there are common culprits. We each
    want to be the ideal man for our woman, so we struggle to be
    financially independent, physically healthy, intelligent, dependable,
    and have a strong character. If any of these issues have been wearing
    away at your manhood lately, take a deep breath and realize that we all
    have the same thoughts; there's nothing wrong with you.

    1. Surround yourself with good people

    Make it a point to
    socialize with people that you share a mutual respect, and who are able
    to put you in the limelight during conversations. Friendship
    is a fundamental boost to the self-confidence of both parties. When
    your pal is quick to recognize that you're a cool cat, you'll notice it

    2. Be well-rounded

    Maintain interest and skill in all aspects of your life. In other words, don't neglect your model-building hobby, your public-speaking
    voice or your lawn-maintenance schedule. Meanwhile, don't let your job
    absorb all of your free time, and make sure your new partner doesn't
    keep you away from your other passions. To maintain a maximized level
    of self-confidence, you want all of your personal qualities to be
    exercised as often as possible.

    3. Keep up with the world

    Follow the news and do your best to know a little bit about everything.
    Learn something new every day, and make a point of having an opinion on
    things, from current events to long-term political issues. This way,
    you won't feel completely out of touch when you encounter old friends
    or new acquaintances.

    4. Socialize with everyone

    The bank teller, the bus driver, your doctor's secretary; it is
    beneficial to strike up a conversation with anyone who crosses your
    path. Sharpen your social skills
    and this will make you more sociable and confident with people,
    especially strangers. As a result, you won't feel threatened or
    insecure in unfamiliar situations.

    5. Partake in things you excel at

    Are you currently a bit overweight, but used to be a star point guard?
    Then stop avoiding the neighborhood pickup game and show them what
    you're made of. You will, more importantly, show yourself what you're
    made of and build your self-confidence. Even if you have to go out of
    your way, doing something that you know how to do well will boost your
    conviction and self-confidence when you do something else.

    Make it all happen

    We all need to boost our self-confidence in different ways and for
    different reasons. The trick is to find out where you need to improve
    and then go out and do just that. When you have self-confidence and
    faith in yourself, life makes more sense and it becomes something you
    can tackle. So take the bull by the horns -- the bull is you.

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