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    Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat



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    Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

    مُساهمة  HatemFarouk في السبت نوفمبر 14, 2009 1:33 pm

    Diane Lane did it in Unfaithful. Annette Bening did it in American Beauty. Sarah Jessica Parker did it on Sex and the City. And they’re not the only ones. Although women haven’t surpassed men on the cheating
    scale, more married women than ever before are jumping in the sack with
    someone other than their husbands. According to an American Sexual
    Behavior study, 14% of married women have cheated at least once,
    compared to 22% of married men. Not that we’re condoning two-timing
    from either party, but here are the top 10 reasons women cheat.
    Number 10

    Not enough sex

    Remember the good old days when you could stay up forever fooling
    around? Then responsibility entered the mix -- and kids -- and before
    you knew it, sleep was more important than sex. Well, women want to
    feel wanted. If you’re not making her feel that way, she could seek it
    elsewhere. To keep that spark alive, ask her out on date nights, send
    her provocative e-mails at lunch, and by all means, don’t let life get
    in the way of kissing, cuddling and sex.
    Number 9

    Being the bad girl

    Just as men feel the urge to sow their wild oats, some women have an
    inner sex kitten just waiting to be unleashed -- and when the beast
    escapes from the cage, look out. This frisky behavior
    usually rears its ugly head in response to some sort of life change --
    major weight loss, new job, new friends, mid-life crisis, etc. Keep the
    lines of communication open and she’ll be more likely to talk to you
    about what’s going on instead of spilling her guts to a stranger in the
    Number 8


    Sex can be an instant pick-me-up; a self-esteem booster
    that makes women feel sexier, more beautiful and more loved. If your
    wife or girlfriend has self-esteem issues, it doesn’t mean she’s
    automatically going to cheat -- and it’s certainly not your fault if
    she does -- but there are ways to make her feel secure in the
    relationship that could help her from straying. Pay attention to her,
    ask her questions and don’t hold back on compliments -- a little
    flattery goes a long way with women.
    Number 7

    Revenge/payback for past wrongs

    No, you didn’t cheat, but whether you blew your retirement fund in Vegas or got caught in a big lie,
    you did break her trust (and, possibly, her heart). She feels wounded
    and betrayed -- and wants to hurt you the same way you hurt her. To
    regain her trust, it’s not enough just to tell her you’re sorry; you
    have to show her. Actions speak louder than words.
    Number 6

    Lack of intimacy

    You have it all: the house, the two-car garage and the two-and-a-half
    bathrooms -- at least on the outside. But inside, the relationship is
    lacking the one thing women want most: intimacy. It’s not just sex that
    makes women feel connected in a relationship; it’s touching, kissing,
    cuddling, and communicating. Women crave it, and she could seek it
    elsewhere if she’s not getting it at home. To improve intimacy, spend
    quality time together, give her a foot massage, make a romantic dinner
    for two -- anything that will give her a sense of unity and closeness.
    Number 5

    Feeling neglected/ignored/underappreciated

    Women wear many hats in a relationship -- housekeeper, errand-runner,
    grocery shopper, babysitter, etc. When she feels more like a maid than
    a girlfriend/wife, that’s when she could stray. The fact that you spend
    all your time at work or on the golf course gives her double reason to seek attention elsewhere. No, you can’t quit your job, but you can thank her for all her selfless deeds -- and do your share around the house.
    Number 4

    Your emotional withdrawal

    Women are emotional beings. Not only do they need physical support, but
    they also need emotional support. Once you retreat from the
    relationship, she sees it as a sign that things are through -- a
    breakup is inevitable. So, she’s not really cheating, she’s moving on.
    To avoid this, be present in the relationship. Yes, that means sharing
    your icky feelings, but it’s better than the alternative, right?
    Number 3

    Bedroom boredom

    Sex can become monotonous if you let it -- the same position; the same
    setting; the same person. An affair adds adventure and gets her
    adrenalin flowing. To avoid routine, avoid repetition. Sweep her away
    for the weekend, make out at the movies, kiss her for no reason at
    all... The unexpected adds excitement.
    Number 2

    Exit strategy

    Instead of breaking up
    with you, she cheats on you. That way she doesn’t have to deal with the
    broken relationship, which is much harder to fix. An affair is the easy
    way out -- or at least that’s how she sees it. That’s another reason
    communication is key. Let her know that she can talk to you about
    anything and that you love her enough to work through any bumps in the
    relationship road.
    Number 1

    Revenge for your cheating

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Because you cheated, she wants
    to get back at you and give you a dose of your own medicine. Cheating
    is her vengeance, her chance to even the playing field. No, you can’t
    undo your indiscretion, but you can ask for her forgiveness, assure her
    it will never happen again and suggest couples therapy to help you get through this tough time.
    her cheating heart

    When you add up all the reasons women cheat, it’s usually her heart (or her ego) that needs healing, not her libido.
    Keep the lines of communication open, be supportive and encouraging and
    work at keeping that spark ignited. In other words: Don’t give her a
    reason to stray.

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