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    what to wear


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    what to wear

    مُساهمة  psYcko في الإثنين نوفمبر 09, 2009 11:43 am

    well..we have seen alot of people who don't know what to wear and people who has a fashion taste

    what's it gonna be for u Very Happy?!

    everyone loves the guy who has a taste in his clothes

    and YES!! clothes is ur social image for the people

    now there r the things u should do and things u shoudln't


    colours...don't wear green with red..!!!or blue with gray!!..GOD!!
    pain for the eyes

    DON'T drop ur pants really down
    and don't wear them up to ur belly button either Very Happy

    don't open ur chest to show some of the hair!!
    really old fashion move...if u have a really good hair in ur chest and not full of hair...then show it ...Very Happy

    DON't get clothes because it has high price
    get them because they fit on u
    and they look gooood Very Happy!!

    DON'T get the pants that has things on them and drawing and shitty u think it looks good?!...

    should do things

    wear things that fit and and and and is good Very shows mystery in u ... colour harmony!!

    shoes must fit in ur feet...don't get bigger shoes that makes u looks like goofy
    try to make pants cover ur shoes when u wear them

    when u wear a t-shirt..try to find ones that suits u well...i mean...if u have big stomach..wear a shirt that is alittle big
    if u have big chest...the jelow look...wear something a little big

    the most thing u should know is
    the more ur body is good and fit and ahtlete...the more u will look good in clothes
    u could wear something very simple and still look good
    because ur body draws the t-shirt
    the t-shirt doesn't draw u


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    رد: what to wear

    مُساهمة  HatemFarouk في السبت نوفمبر 14, 2009 3:09 pm

    Yes that is right man ..... good insight by the way

    there is something more >>

    if you are fat try not to wear T-shirts that have horizontal makes you look fattier and so for taller people, be aware of vertical stripes

    i have found a tendency here in egypt that for taller or bigger man, they have the most positive characteristics, for quotes " الطول هيبة " and " ده راجل ملو هدومه "

    for taller people, if they are thin or not, it does not matter so much, and maybe Mystery have that advantage. But for Fatty guys, it shoud not reach to be too baggy " مهرول أو مفشول " so try to wear hard material T-shirts which are somewhat like Hip-Hop style ... and for shure work out to get rid of your beer belly.

    peace guys, thanks Psycko

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